Helpful Summer Tips to Keep Your Dogs Safe!

#1:  Watch for signs of dehydration and heat stroke!  Dogs cool off by panting so an overheated dog will drool excessively.  Signs of heat stroke include excessive panting and your pet considerably slowing down.  Tip: Always carry a bottle of water, for both you and your pet.  Cool a dog off with a face cloth or towel wet with cool water.  Never use cold water as this could cause the dog to go into shock.  Keeping a kiddie pool filled with cool water always accessible is super helpful and fun too!
#2:  Beware of hot asphalt! Try walking dogs on cool grass or in a shady area whenever possible.  Avoiding pavement when you are able to will keep the paw pads on your pet from getting burned.  Something we don’t always think about  so we are happy to provide a friendly reminder of this to keep in mind during those hot, summer days! If you’re not sure whether it’s too hot – place the back of your hand on the pavement for 3-5 seconds.  If it burns your hand it’s too hot for your dog’s paws!
#3:  Never leave your pets in a parked car!  Not even for a minute or with the car running and the A/C on.  On a hot, summer day, the temperature inside a car with the windows cracked open can reach up to 102 degrees within a 10 minute time frame.  And after only 30 minutes, the temperature can soar up to 120 degrees! A dog can suffer irreversible organ damage and even death.
#4:  Keep your pets cool inside and out!  Always provide ample shade & water. You can also whip up some cool, summer doggie treats with a DIY batch of pupsicles! Use peanut butter or one of your pet’s other favorite flavors.
#5:  Alternate activities on those hot, summer days!  Dog walks may not always be the best answer for your pet on a hot, sunny day.  Keep a shady, cool play area outside and/or inside as well.  Either have your pup come join our Social Doggie Play Groups (1st Saturday of every month)  or engage your pet with an inside game of fetch or tug of war with their favorite toy! Either way, your pet will be happy, safe and having a super fun summer all while staying active & healthy!
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