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Puppy Training

COVID-19 Update.  Due to the requirements of social distancing, we are excited to offer your Private Online Training Sessions. These sessions are great both for work with puppies as well as adult dogs to tackle problem behaviors (puppy biting, jumping, house training), adult dog behaviors (counter surfing, stealing, jumping) as well as beginner and intermediate manners training. Our clients are loving these sessions and we know you will too. 

Lockdown Consult – $150+tax.    Click to Purchase

Have a couple saved up questions that you’d like to get answered by a professional dog trainer?  This one time, 75-min session gives us the time together to get your questions answered.  We can meet over the phone or video call, so that I can see your dog as well! Many experienced dog owners find themselves with a perplexing behavior in their new or current dog – we’re here to help!  You’ll leave with a plan for management as well as steps to set you on the right path towards changing/improving this behavior in your dog.  “See” you soon!

*If you think you can benefit from follow up sessions, consider booking a Package below.


New Puppy Online Training Package – $375+tax.    Click to Purchase

Did you just get a new puppy and you’re ready to get started on house training, crate training, and get a handle on puppy biting? Do you want to also teach your puppy all the necessary “good dog” skills like sit, down, leave it, walking on leash and recall?   I’ll teach you and your puppy the skills to live together peacefully and will observe you working with your dog in real time to provide instant feedback.

This program includes 4 total training sessions:
1 new client initial training session (75-min) & 30 min follow up session (same week)
2 weekly online training sessions (60-min each)

You will receive a follow up email with links and explanations, as well as 6 months of email support with our trainer. * Additional training sessions can be added on at discount pricing.

Puppy Quick Fix- $250+tax.      Click to Purchase

Have you found that generally things are going pretty well but there are still some things you need help with?  Maybe house training is not exactly on track, your puppy’s biting is not getting better, or you’re wondering how to teach your puppy to walk better?  With this quick fix package, we can meet just a few times to get 2-3 behaviors on track so you and your puppy can continue on the right path.  We will stay focused and NOT be able to cover all puppy training skills.

This program includes:
1 initial online session (60-min)
2 follow up online sessions (30-min each)

You will also get 6 months of email support from our trainer!

Give your Dog the Best

Every dog is different and we’re happy to assist you with choosing what’s right for your pet. Give us a shout and we’ll help you choose what’s best for you and your family.

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