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Does Your Dog Come When Called?

Having a dog who will come when called is often top of every dog owners list.  Not only is it convenient to have a dog who will come but it could save your dog's life.  How do you get your dog to come bounding towards you when he hears his name?  You train it. 

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Stopping Your Dog’s Unwanted Behavior

(adapted from Whole Dog Journal article, Five Steps to Unwanted Behavior by Mardi Richmond, CPDT-KA) Is your dog counter surfing? Chewing? Digging?  it might be instinctive to should "No!" when your dog is doing something that you don't like, but at best, this might interrupt him for a moment. It doesn't do anything to

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Should I Punish My Dog for Growling?

Having a dog growl at you can be a surprising experience.  Having your dog growl at you can be downright upsetting.  Many people think you should punish your dog when they growl.  I am here to tell you NOT to!! Growls are Communication Dogs growl as a means of  communicating that they are upset.

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Dealing with Puppy Biting? Here’s Help!

Teaching your puppy to use her mouth gently is an important part of raising your puppy - perhaps one of the top two most vital skills you'll teach (the other being positively socializing them to our human world).  As a "clicker trainer", we always focus on creating clear communication with our dogs to communicate

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Tips for Raising a Confident, Happy Puppy

Want an awesome, well-behaved dog?  You have to start early! We love this list of tips on how to raise a rock-star puppy, to grow into a well-behaved adolescent dog and an awesome adult dog!  Check out the full article here. Tips for building your puppy’s confidence: Have play dates with fully vaccinated, confident dogs of all

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Puppy Dog Training – Socialization is Key!

Hello all, It's that time again... the holiday season!  Since we know this is a time people often decide to bring home a puppy, we thought we'd do a series on puppies!  Our first topic of the series is Socialization and why it is so important.  Before we get there, we'd like to remind

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