Puppy Dog Training – Socialization is Key!

Hello all, It's that time again... the holiday season!  Since we know this is a time people often decide to bring home a puppy, we thought we'd do a series on puppies!  Our first topic of the series is Socialization and why it is so important.  Before we get there, we'd like to remind

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Stop Your Dog’s Problem Behavior Today!

Train a replacement behavior!  The trick with all nuisance behaviors is to train and reward an opposite or competing behavior. For example, Fido can't jump on your guests if he's sitting to greet them. He can't bark at visitors if he has a toy in his mouth, or beg at the dinner table if

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Helpful Summer Tips to Keep Your Dogs Safe!

#1:  Watch for signs of dehydration and heat stroke!  Dogs cool off by panting so an overheated dog will drool excessively.  Signs of heat stroke include excessive panting and your pet considerably slowing down.  Tip: Always carry a bottle of water, for both you and your pet.  Cool a dog off with a face

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Bee Stings – How to Keep Your Dog Safe

As the weather warms up, you may start to hear more buzzing in the air.  Dogs who have never been stung before may not be aware of the danger of bees or wasps, and will often chase them and try to catch them in their mouth.  But stings cannot only shock your day, and

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