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 Our dog training system, which is based on the positive reinforcement approach holds at its core that dogs learn best by being shown the expected behavior and reinforced for that behavior.  Unlike traditional dominance-based dog training that was considered in vogue until recently, positive training shows us that training does NOT have to come in the form of a reprimand or physical force.  

Sandy Paws is committed to professional standards for our trainers, always committed to continuing education and membership in professional organizations.

Our Dog Trainers

Bryony Aviles

Owner, Head Dog Trainer

Bryony, Founder and Owner of Sandy Paws, is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and is a Certified Training Partner of the Karen Pryor Academy, a leader in the movement of positive reward training for pet animals.  She is also a graduate of and Mentor Trainer for  Catch Canine Trainers Academy and is a Certified Family Educator through Family Paws Parent Education. Bryony is also committed to adoption and rescue work and works with local and state agencies to assist in promoting dog adoption. When not training, Bryony and her husband, Jose, and their two little girls love to adventure with their fur babies: two adopted kitties, Nugget and Neko, and two adopted dogs: Luna, a lab mix and Lily, a pocket pittie.

Bryony teaches group classes, supervises our play groups, and is available for day training and private training sessions.  E-mail her here.

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